About us

Starting from a small group of friends wanting to play their part but unsure how, collectively came the idea of Ukraine Lifeline with the backing of huge storage and logistical support from Buffaload Logistics and Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (Charity No: 1118622).

Ukraine Lifeline has received attention and support way beyond our expectations and now consists of many official drop-off points and dozens of micro drop-off points allowing local people wanting to play their part the use of our storage facility and transportation.

All our efforts are provided on a volunteer basis however, we require your support and kind monetary donations to assist with the funding of this huge and important mission. Monetary donations will not only be used to contribute towards logistical costs but, will also be used to fund specific humanitarian aid requests to purchase larger quantities of those items needed by our friends in Poland and on the Polish/ Ukrainian border that they urgently need.


We’re a not-for-profit organisation and every single penny will go towards our mission helping our friends in the Ukraine.


Help us help Ukraine, HUMANITY CAN WIN!

Ways to donate

We at Ukraine Lifeline in partnership with Buffaload and Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue are supporting the people of Ukraine during these tough times.


We are working to fill our lorries with essential food, warm winter clothing and medical supplies to help ease the humanitarian disaster that is currently unfolding before our very eyes.