We have already raised enough from generous donations to send 10 lorries, and astoundingly we can send even more

We have enough aid to send 50 lorry loads – so please, if you are able, support this with sponsorship of a load (or loads!).


All monies will be entirely used for transport costs as the overheads are being provided free of charge.  Please use the button below, it will take you to the Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue donation page. 


Current donations:

  • £60,000 – Glebe Farm Huntingdon 

  • £40,000 – Samworth Brother Foods 

  • £10,000 – G's marketing + ongoing support 

  • £5,000 – Smurfit Kappa 

  • £5,000 – Jaxdene Solutions 

  • £5,000 – Gonville Hotel Cambridge 

  • £2,500 – Godolphin

  • £2,000 Sponsored Lorry by GoldStar Metal Traders 

  • £2000 – Cambridge Signs 

  • £3,000 – FMCG Logistics 

  • £5,000 – MSH Support 

  • £2,000 – FNL Pallet Services 

  • £1,000 – Alan Thompson Electrical 

  • £1,000 – CamDrains – Drainage Specialists


  • £100 will sponsor the movement of a pallet of donated goods

  • £2,000 will sponsor a whole lorry full of donated items. 

We have received such overwhelming charitable donations from the public and from local businesses, that we have enough aid to begin sending our lorries over and really start making the difference that we are aiming for. 

The next challenge is to transport the aid to Poland as quickly as possible, and to do so we are seeking financial support. 

We are looking for funding to get all the goods that have been donated and sorted to their final destination, where they can support all the men, women and families that need it the most.  As one could imagine, we want to start this process as soon as possible and so your donations would be gratefully received.


Over the last few weeks, we have had so many self-less volunteers working hard not only to donate items that Ukrainians are currently in need of, but also then sorting and packing pallets full of these items. All of this was done from the goodness of their hearts, motivated by the want to help those that need it the most. 


We are at the final stage, one step away from getting the aid where it is needed, and we are asking for your help. From a pallet to sponsorship of a full lorry, any donation will make a huge difference. 


Amazingly, we are already seeing some incredible companies stepping forward and helping make this final stage happen at the speed that is necessary for us to make the greatest difference.


A big thank you to these businesses; from all who will be receiving the aid, from all our lovely volunteers and from everyone at Ukraine Lifeline. 


Contact us about sponsorship